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Logo Usage

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To ensure our brand integrity, please adhere to the following guidelines when using our logo and/or Certification Marks. Proper usage of our logo and certification marks will help maintain the credibility and professionalism of our organization.


As an accredited member, you have the privilege of using the ICAHP logo and certification mark on your website, marketing materials, and other relevant documents. The ICAHP logo and/or the ICAHP certification mark is a symbol of your accreditation status and represents the high standards and excellence of your organization or program.

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel


It is our primary graphic device and should be the first choice when choosing a graphic element to represent the ICAHP brand.

ICAHP Badge 2024.png


The ICAHP logo consists of a symbol and a wordmark, which can be used separately or together as a locked-up unit. However, when using the wordmark, it should always be used in conjunction with the symbol.

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Incorrect usage of the logo

  • The logo should not be reversed or mirrored.

  • The logo should not be altered in terms of color, hue or other effects.

  • The logo should not be rotated or skewed in any way.

  • The logo proportions should not be stretched or distorted.

  • The arrangement and composition of the logo should not be modified.

Incorrect usage of logo.png

Logo Colors

When using the logo with either black or white text, it's important to consider the background color to ensure that the logo is easily readable and legible. When choosing a background color, take into account the contrast between the logo and the background. If the logo is being used with black text, a light background color will help ensure legibility, while a dark background color will help ensure legibility for white text. Keep in mind that the logo should always be easy to read and distinguish, regardless of the background color.

ICAHP Logo colors.png

Logo Files

To download the ICAHP logos, please click on the links:



PNG file: Click here

SVG file: Click here

ICAHP Logo Usage 2024.png
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