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École internationale
d'accompagnement Cybèle

Accredited Holistic Training Provider

Member ID: ​ICAHP-TP9323100

Status: Active

École Internationale d'Accompagnement Cybèle is a leading institution for training and certification in the field of coaching, holistic health and personal development. Based in Montréal, Canada. École Internationale d'Accompagnement Cybèle offers a range of programs and courses designed to help individuals develop the skills and knowledge needed to become effective coaches and practitioners.


École Internationale d'Accompagnement Cybèle is accredited by the International Compliance Assurance for Holistic Practitioners (ICAHP), which is a testament to their expertise and the effectiveness of their trainings.

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École internationale d’accompagnement Cybèle - Accredited Training Provider.png

Courses offered:

  • Doula prénatale - Doula Prenatal

  • Doula et Coach périnatal en ligne - Doula and Perinatal Coach (online)

  • Doula et Coach périnatal présentiel - Doula and Perinatal Coach (classroom)

  • Thanadoula 

  • Naturopathie générale - General naturopathy

  • Naturopathie périnatale - Perinatal naturopathy

  • Naturopathie familiale - Family naturopathy

  • Coaching familial - Family Coaching

  • Coaching PNL - NLP Coaching

  • Andragogie - Andragogy

  • Accompagnement corporatif - Corporate support

École internationale
d'accompagnement Cybèle

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If you are a practitioner or training provider in the holistic health field, you may want to consider having your therapies or courses accredited.

Accreditation can help establish credibility and trust with potential clients or students, and can also provide assurance that your services or courses meet certain standards.

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