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Holistic Practitioner

Recognized. Endorsed. Certified.

Best for individuals, such as healers, shamans, practitioners, and therapists, who offer holistic therapies, consultations and services to their clients.

  • Affordable membership fee:

    For just $14.95 per month, or 179,40 USD per year, you can access all the benefits of ICAHP accreditation.

  • Holistic Health Practitioner certificate:

    Get a certificate recognizing your dedication to advancing health and wellness using natural, non-invasive methods.

  • ICAHP Certification Mark:

    Display the ICAHP Certification Mark on your website and marketing materials to demonstrate your commitment to high standards of education and training.

  • Customized URL for verification:

    Obtain a one-of-a-kind URL that you can use to confirm your ICAHP accreditation status to clients and colleagues.

  • Unlimited therapies, workshops and events listed on ICAHP:
    Accreditation is available for an unlimited number of therapies, workshops and events allowing you to expand your practice and offer a wider range of services.


  • SEO Audit Report:

    Receive an annual SEO audit report for your website to help you improve your online visibility and reach a wider audience.

  • Promoting You, your therapies & events:

    We promote you, your accredited therapies and events on our social media channels and through our strategic partners (ie. Magazines) to help you reach a wider audience and attract new clients

holistic accreditation

For every new member,
we plant a tree
& feed a starving animal

By becoming a part of our community, you're not only contributing to your own professional growth, but also to the well-being of Gaia and the animal kingdom. For every new member that joins ICAHP, we plant a tree and feed a starving animal. Let's work together to make a positive impact on the environment and the lives of those in need.

holistic accreditation
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Easy Process

 Our process is simple and straightforward, eliminating the hassle and making it a breeze for you to gain certification.

Be Verified

We provide a dedicated URL verification page so that your clients can be sure of your credibility and trustworthiness.

Certification Mark 

Gain access to our Certification Mark on your courses so that people know at a glance that your courses meet the ICAHP standards of quality.

Value for Money

Our certification process provides you with real value for money - with no hidden fees or complex processes.

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