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Fiona McCoss

ICAHP Accredited Holistic Practitioner & Training Provider



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Fiona McCoss is a skilled mentor dedicated to empowering women through a holistic approach that prioritizes embodied feminine expression and self-empowerment. Her teachings embrace a deep appreciation for sensuality and eroticism, celebrating the wild and divine aspects of the feminine spirit.

Therapies & courses offered

  • Women's Transformational Coaching

  • Feminine Embodiment

  • Somatic Practices

  • EFT

  • Embodied Business Training + Leadership

  • WILD MUSE® Feminine Leadership & Embodied Facilitator Training

  • WILD HONEY® Women's Sensuality Retreat

  • WILD EROS® Women's Sexuality Retreat

Get certified

If you work as a practitioner or offer training in the holistic health industry, it is advisable to explore the option of obtaining recognition for your therapies or courses. This recognition can enhance your credibility and build trust among prospective clients or students, while also ensuring that your services or courses meet specific criteria.

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