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How does accreditation work and how to check the validity of a certificate?

1. Certificate

A practitioner or training provider who has been given approval by ICAHP should receive a certificate from us attesting to their status and title. After the application registration procedure is finished and approved, such certificates will only be given out to certified professionals and institutions, as shown on the sample certificate.

On each certificate you will find a Member ID. You can validate the certificate number by emailing or by scanning the QR code.

If a practitioner or training provider does not have a profile page on our website, it means that they are either not a member of our accreditation association. For privacy and GDPR reasons, we do not publish our members' information in a public directory. We value each of our members privacy.

ICAHP Certificate.png

2. Badge

Our approved practitioners are given a badge to wear while working, if they wish, to show that they are qualified in their field and that they are a member of ICAHP. This badge includes their photo, name, title, expiry date and Badge ID No., which matches the number on their Member ID. If necessary, repeat the verification process outlined in the Certificate section above by emailing us at or by scanning the practitioner QR Code.

Badge and TrustMark ICAHP.png

3. Trustmark

The ICAHP Trustmark is only available to approved members, and each Trustmark logo has a unique QR Code that, when scanned, takes you to the member ICAHP profile page. This process is used by us to ensure that only authorized members can use our Trustmark.

ICAHP Trustmark  BOTH.png

4. ICAHP abbreviation

The International Compliance Assurance for Holistic Practitioners (ICAHP) grants members the right to use the abbreviation "ICAHP" after their name. Once you have successfully completed the membership application, you will be able to use it.

Name abbreviation ICAHP.png
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