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Evette Rose, Metaphysical Anatomy

ICAHP Accredited Holistic Practitioner & Educator



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Evette Rose is a renowned Author of 19 books, Personal Development Speaker,  Event host and Workshop Facilitator. She is dedicated to guiding individuals on their healing journeys. She is the esteemed founder of the Metaphysical Anatomy Healing Technique, a transformative approach that empowers people to resolve past traumas and embrace successful and fulfilling lives drawing deep knowledge of psychosomatic research.

With a profound understanding of personal transformation and psychosomatics of the body and mind, Evette draws from her own life experiences and studies, transcending a challenging past to cultivate a harmonious and purposeful life and career. Having embarked on two global journeys working with 6000+ people one one one and facilitated personal development seminars in over 43 countries, she has touched the lives of thousands worldwide.

Therapies & courses offered

  • Intuitive Body Workshop

  • Completion Certificate Intuitive Spirit Guide

  • Completion Certificate Psychic and Intuitive Reading

  • Completion Certificate Meeting and Healing with Your Spirit Guides

  • Completion Certificate Learning Mediumship

  • Completion Certificate Communicate and Heal with Animals

  • Completion Certificate Level 1

  • Practitioner Level 2

  • Practitioner Level 3

  • Practitioner Level 4

  • Practitioner Level 1

  • Completion Certificate Reveal the Woman Within

  • Completion Certificate Mastering Anxiety

  • Completion Certificate Mastering Depression

  • Completion Certificate Mastering Pain

  • Completion Certificate Mastering Boundaries

  • Completion Certificate Mastering Communication

  • Completion Certificate Mastering Happiness

  • Completion Certificate Mastering Self-love

  • Completion Certificate MAT 1 Self-paced

  • Attendance Certificate How to LOVE Again

  • Attendance Certificate How to LOVE Being a Parent

  • Attendance Certificate Overcoming Codependency

  • Attendance Certificate Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse

  • Attendance Certificate Releasing the Shadow - Healing for Beginners

  • Attendance Certificate MAT Breathwork

  • Practitioner Certificate Alchemy of Your Purpose

  • Attendance Certificate Rediscovering Life

  • Attendance Certificate Understanding Trauma - MAT for Beginners

  • Attendance Certificate Healing Boundaries

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